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Dumbwaiters & Mezzanine Lifts

Different Options for Your Needs

Here at American Dumbwaiters, we have options for residential and commercial dumbwaiters, and mezzanine lifts. Each of these options has different load capacities as well.

We will connect you with your own Project Manager who will help you get the best option!



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Installing a dumbwaiter increases safety, productivity, and efficiency!  A dumbwaiter can be fit into a home in just the space of a small closet.


Do you lug items after large shopping trips to a big box store? Living with a dumbwaiter eases many burdens:

  • Groceries

  • Basement storage

  • Firewood

  • Heavy material for home projects

  • Laundry

  • Seasonal decorations


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We manufacture a quality, affordable, and easy to install dumbwaiter which is designed with a custom fit to any area you need. Whether you manage a dental office, busy restaurant, medical facility, or a business that requires filing, a dumbwaiter saves time and reduces the risk of an injury to an employee.


Depending on the weight load of items being transported, a commercial dumbwaiter will help your business manage:

  • Permanent business files

  • Building materials

  • Food orders

  • Office supplies

  • Bulk shopping orders

  • Equipment for projects


Reduce work-related injuries due to lifting and carrying heavy objects or falling while in transition. Call us today to see how we can help.

Mezzanine Lift

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Installing a mezzanine lift will increase safety and efficienty for businesses that require require heavy inventory to move from floor to floor regularly; but, don’t have the walls to support an elevator! 


Our free-standing mezzanine elevator can help reduce your risk!


This patented stackable shaft is freestanding and self-supported. That way you can place it exactly where you need it most. Plus, this customizable solution allows you to choose your siding.

Contact your Project Manager for more information! 

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